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Readership Matters

Driven by an acute awareness of its former "ho-hum" textbook look, Kidzmatter hopped on our redesign bike and never looked back. In arriving at the solution of a fresh and engaging new look, we increased readership which ultimately led to new interest in advertising.

Goodbye, ho-hum and hello new revenue!

Teachers Teach, Lawyers Litigate…

Designers are your visual problem solvers. You name it; seasoned creatives will think of multiple ways to revamp it! Our award-winning design team does the visual math for you.

From savvy section titles, all the way to premium poster pull-outs, booklets, drop cards and everything in between, we recognize the role art direction has in making each facet of your digital or traditional publication, work.

Advertising Matters

Before the Kidzmatter cover to cover redesign, sluggish readership left ad sales generating less than $18K per issue. Immediately following the launch of their incredibly successful redesign, ad sales surpassed $60K with the very first issue and accomplished a desirable sold out status in ad space throughout the following year.

Ad Revenue (Before)
Ad Revenue (After)

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