Sailing World

Art Direction • Design

Make Some Waves!

Sailing World aims to attract high-energy, active, affluent consumers who are the first to try new technology as it emerges, so it only makes sense that our design intention mirrored the full-on, all-in spirit of its discerning subscriber.

Through the formats of traditional and digital print, our engaging visuals seamlessly link the active, knowledge-hungry participant to the sport’s top experts, providing unique, unrivaled and visually stunning instructional content.

Award-Winning Design

Evoke a sense of awe and wonder while assisting your valued customers in making everything from major life decisions to everyday purchasing choices all from the well-designed pages of their favorite magazine. Whether in print or on the web, your readers look to magazines to educate and explore all that there is to discover.

Our team of illustrators and infographic artists reach your reader through award-winning and visually compelling presentation by utilizing the latest tools in user-friendly platforms. You can count on us to artistically convey your story in a way that genuinely connects with your target audience.

Splash with Intention!

As designers, our goal is to produce innovative layout ideas for upcoming issues while maintaining brand identity to drive interest to both print and web. With a subscribership of 25K educated professionals and an ever-growing digital audience of 200K and counting, fabulous design successfully equips Sailing World to build its following.

With readers having an average household income of $282,000 and a $2 Million average net worth, Sailing World is successfully cruising along towards its goal of intentionally attracting affluent sailors.


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